Violent Elephant Control Gear


The three-month-long festival season in Kerala starts off in February every year in hundreds of temples, big and small, that dot God’s own country. The highlight of the festivities in every temple is the grand finale: The Elephant parade. However, instead of celebrations and gaiety, many festivals have ended up witnessing blood, gore and often death. At scores of temples, elephants have suddenly turned wild, run amok, killed their mahouts and bystanders and terrorised entire towns and villages.


After hearing /seeing a series of elephant rampage incidents in which people had been trampled to death; Mr Mathew was inspired to develop this Elephant Control Gear to save Human lives and protect the Elephant from further harm.


The advantage of this device is that if an elephant becomes violent, it can be immediately controlled with the remote from about 25 meters and there is no risk involved. The elephant will be unable to move its legs and will stand in a place after that.


The technical solution:  A box weighing more than 16lbs is fitted on one rear inside leg. If the elephant starts to run amok, the controller presses a button on a remote device which fires a high-pressure power chord which snares the other rear leg and tethers any tusker up to two tones in weight.


“It works on the model of anti-car theft system. This device is attached on one of the hind limbs of the elephant. In case of the elephant turning violent, the device is activated and a belt with steel strings launches from the device and enfolds the other leg which impedes the mobility of the elephant.”