The Magic

The Big Leap

An idea can hit you at any time. It can change your life and lead you to the path of entrepreneurship. But what does it require for a village boy to convert an idea that came to him when he was a young boy, into a prototype of service which has earned him fame in industrial circles all over India? It requires a special MAGIC.


Zakariahs Mathew learnt that magic early in life. He discovered that ideas emerge from necessities and difficult situations. And so he remained alert to the sights and experiences around him, because he knew clever solutions lurked in the most unlikely places. An innovator needs to have well-defined ideas on whether a problem can be solved and whether it can be created for new business. This was the first step to gain confidence that an idea can work. Zakariahs Mathew recognized the field where his spectacular genius could come into play. He discovered the MAGIC within him.


Initiative is the key quality industrial establishments look for when faced with technical problems on the shop floor. Finding people who possess the inner drive to act while thinking on their feet, take decisions according to changing situations, is indeed difficult. It calls for vision and courage in complicated situations. Zakariahs Mathew fits the bill perfectly because he …

  • Seeks effective ways to do a job on any machine.
  • Executes job responsibilities without hesitation.
  • Identifies the Machinery problem, acts on it.
  • Recognizes what needs to be done, acts on it.
  • Knows when there is a crisis, takes immediate action to solve crisis.
  • Takes action to overcome obstacles in achieving objectives.
  • Does not miss opportunities to resolve complex issues


Zakariahs Mathew works on 3 anchor points to solve machinery problems: Impact, Effectiveness and Efficiency. Efficiency captures how innovation affects set practices. Effectiveness captures how methods affect talent and input. Impact captures how Efficiency and Effectiveness affects sustainable strategic success to achieve objectives. Zakariahs has worked it to perfection. The Magic in him has enabled him to take The Big Leap forward.