The Challenge

Small steps to BIG success

Genius, it is said, is 99% perspiration and one per cent inspiration. The genius in Zakariahs Mathew changed that to 99% inspiration. He began with small steps, accepting challenges put up by malfunctioning machinery, using his natural talent, innovative thinking and hands-on methods on repair jobs. Today his name is synonymous with solving machinery problems. He is known in the industrial circles as Machinery Trouble-Shooter!


“I used to stay in small hotels, and started attending to complaints of various industrial units regarding their mechanical problems. The money I earned just about met the rent and food, but I kept going, worked harder and harder, taking up one job after another, till I completely understood machines and started inventing and making new machines,” says Zakariahs. A hurdle he faced was that elders did not take him seriously at first. But gradually they grew out of that attitude as news spread about his ingenuity and success, so that today his services are sought by highly qualified and experienced Foremen, Technical Supervisors and Technical Directors of large companies all over India.


Ready Responses & New Challenges

Initiative is the key quality industrialists look for when faced with technical problems. It is a prized quality in today’s competitive industrial world. Finding people with the intelligence and initiative to take appropriate action, and change decisions according to changing situations is a difficult proposition. Zakariahs Mathew’s ingenious skill can be gauged from the fact that he tackles machinery problems with utmost confidence, does not fear to act on his conviction, and he assumes responsibility for his actions.


Now he has accepted a new challenge: Harnessing Power through Windmills. Wind Energy conversion is now a proven technology. The wind, while passing through the windmill, converts its kinetic energy with the help of windmill blades into mechanical energy, and that mechanical energy is converted into electrical power by means of a generator. Being induction type, the generator works with the help of the grid. The windmills are connected to the Electricity Board’s grid and the power generated is fed into the grid. Zakariahs Mathew has succeeded in developing a level of innovation so that his Windmills can be operated very economically with a high degree of efficiency.


Calling individuals, companies, institutions and government agencies. Entrust your problems to Zakariahs Mathew and he will solve them.