Sugarcane Sampler


We developed Sugarcane sampler machine to rationalize payment system to the farmers and to suit Indian conditions.


The sugarcane sampler would drill deep into sugarcane bunch that would come in trucks, bullock carts or trailers at the sugar industry and collect samples at random. The sample collected is then conveyed to a shredder and the shredded sample would move along the conveyor in front of an analyzer which would flash the percentage of sucrose in the sample.


Implementation of this project will result following benefits.

  • Farmer will get payment based on quality of cane.
  • Tendency of producing quality cane will be increased.
  • There will be boosting for cultivation of sugar cane varieties with higher sucrose content.
  • Factory will be benefited by receiving quality cane.
  • Efficiency of factory will be improved thereby reduction in the production cost.
  • Higher yield of sugar per hector will be achieved.
  • Total win-win situation for sugarcane grower, sugar factory and consumer as well. Thus this project will protect national interest.