Electronically Integrated Condom Testing and Rolling Machine


Simplifying Work in Condom Manufacturing Processes

High efficient and reliable automated machine for Electronic condom testing and rolling (electronics and mechanical components) is being introduced for the first time in the world.

This machine enhances efficiency gains as it auto loads, tests each condom piece-accepts only the good condoms (rejects the damaged condoms) and then rolls it, making it ready for packing.

In a minute an average of 300 plus condom pieces can be tested and rolled…made ready for packing.



Key Features of the Condom Testing and Rolling Machine

The machine consists of moving wire, air blower, rotating conveyor (rotary) with inbuilt stainless steel shaft, rollers, wrappers, punching unit and a locator.

The moving wire brings the folded condom towards the rotary. Before approaching rotary, air is blown by the blower from the bottom into the condom and the condom enlarges and moves towards the rotary.


The rotary, while rotating, goes through the following operations :-

  • The steel shaft, which protrudes from the bottom of the rotary into the condom, keeps it tight and upright.
  • The electronic sensor checks the condom for any damage.
  • The steel shaft goes down and the condom also rolls down.
  • The electronic gadget after receiving signal from the sensor rejects and pulls out the damaged condoms.
  • Lubricates the condom.
  • After lubrication, the condom is pulled towards the packing wrapper. The packing wrappers are released from two rollers on two sides and the condom is pulled into it and sealed with the help of a punching unit.
  • The punching unit also cuts the condom packet and the locator pulls the packed condom ahead making way for the next punching


Please see the attached video which is self-explanatory and demonstrates the working of the machine.

We would like to invite condom manufacturing companies to visit our factory-Senzo Engineering in Mumbai to provide a live demonstration of the machine and further explore the business opportunity of setting this up in Condom Manufacturing Plants.


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